The Intervals series is a platform that allows our brewers to experience and study the ingredients that we use in brewing. As we develop new flavors and experience those nuances we can share that with others. From single hop varieties to alternate grains we want you to learn with us! Experiment, learn, repeat!

To know which release you are purchasing just flip the can over and the details are printed on the bottom.

12/25/16 Release Single Hop Citra (Draft)

02/02/17 Release Single Hop Simcoe (Draft)

03/26/17 Release Single Hop Eldorado (Can & Draft)

04/26/17 Single Hop Azacca (Can & Draft)

06/22/17 Single Hop Ella (Can & Draft)

07/26/17 Single Hop Cascade (Can & Draft)

8/24/17 Single Hop Mandarina Bavaria (Draft)

9/22/17 Single Hop Monroe (Can & Draft)

10/29/17 Single Hop Amarillo (Can & Draft)

11/29/17 Single Hop Simcoe  (Can & Draft)

12/25/17 Simcoe/Eldorado (Can & Draft)

01/25/17 Belma/Comet/Eldorado  (Can & Draft)

02/28/17 Single Hop Vic Secret (Can & Draft)

03/27/17 Single Hop Enigma (Can & Draft)  no date code, Blue pull tabs

04/17 Vic Secret/Eldorado (Can & Draft)

05/17 Single Hallertau Blanc (Can & Draft)



Yeast:House IVAN strain
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